A Divided Loyalty by Charles Todd

A Divided Loyalty by Charles ToddEnter for your chance to win an Advance Reader's Edition of New York Times bestselling author Charles Todd's A DIVIDED LOYALTY before it goes on sale February 4, 2020!

Scotland Yard detective Ian Rutledge is assigned one of the most baffling investigations of his career—a cold murder case with an unidentified victim and a cold trail with few clues to follow.

Chief Inspector Brian Leslie, a respected colleague of Ian Rutledge’s, is sent to Avebury, a village set inside a great prehistoric stone circle not far from Stonehenge.

A young woman has been murdered next to a mysterious, hooded, figure-like stone, but no one recognizes her—or admits to it. And how did she get there? Despite a thorough investigation, it appears that her killer has simply vanished.

Rutledge, returning from the conclusion of a case involving another apparently unknown woman, is asked to take a second look at Leslie’s inquiry, to see if he can identify this victim. But Rutledge is convinced Chief Superintendent Jameson only hopes to tarnish his earlier success once he also fails.

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Seeing Reality As It Is by Joseph L Giovannoli

Seeing Reality As It Is by Joseph L GiovannoliEnter for a chance to win one of 100 advance, first edition copies of "Seeing Reality As It Is" by Joseph L. Giovannoli. His first book, "The Biology of Belief", published in 2000 was recommended reading in college courses at a number of universities. Thus far, “Seeing Reality As It Is” was favorably reviewed by Kirkus Reviews.
In "Seeing Reality As It Is", the author examines why we have very different views of things such as climate change, political polarization, and reality in general. He cites research showing that our brains adapted to aid our survival and not to enable us to see reality as it is. He explains that the biases and brain traits we inherit, which he coined as our “genetic chaperones”, aid our survival by chaperoning our behavior with false perceptions of reality. Ego enhancing biases that build confidence are an example. He further examines how cognitive hackers use social media data about our chaperone profiles to create false realities by triggering our chaperones with propaganda. He also describes neurological processes that make it difficult for us to recognize our false perceptions and how our perceptions can be verified.

Mended by Blythe Daniel

Mended by Blythe  DanielEnter for your chance to win a FREE copy of "Mended" by mother-daughter duo Helen McIntosh and Blythe Daniel. "Mended" gives you conversation starters to speak life into your relationship with your mother or daughter. Discover powerful words that usher in healing for wounded hearts and rebuild, restore, and reconcile your connection.

Princess Sparkle Fang and the Fairy Mischief by Adrianne Ambrose

Princess Sparkle Fang and the Fairy Mischief by Adrianne AmbroseWin a signed copy of Princess Sparkle Fang and the Fairy Mischief!
- Includes fifteen illustrations by the cover artist and access to the original song, Sunshine In My Life.

Plus, you get to read the adventures of an adorable werewolf cub who doesn't quite fit in with her gray and grouchy family.

An inspirational story for kids and a humorous read for adults. Princess Sparkle Fang and the Fairy Mischief understands that there is a werewolf princess in the heart of every cub.

Underestimated Affinities by Matthew Scarcella

Underestimated Affinities by Matthew ScarcellaSelvyn is a twenty-two-year-old Zicarnum with the ability to control two elemental affinities: wind and water. All his life, he has been told he is not as strong as his peers. Growing up in a society where you have to learn how to fight in order to survive, Selvyn instead has spent his entire life avoiding conflict.

When Selvyn and his friends are ambushed by a group of strangers, his abilities are tested for the first time — and he realizes he’s going to have to fight. He stumbles upon a pair of peculiar blades which help him discover confidence within himself, and enable him to tap into the offensive power of his elements.

But this is just the beginning for him. While Selvyn learns who he truly is, he begins to unlock astonishing abilities. Meanwhile, nefarious forces are readying themselves to attack, set on destroying him and his home city — will Selvyn’s newfound powers be enough to stop them?


Please be advised that this book contains several curse words (approximately 20).

Beard Necessities by Penny Reid

Beard Necessities by Penny ReidAUTOGRAPHED COPIES
Release date: NOVEMBER 4, 2019

-What: Win a print, autographed copy of ‘Beard Necessities', book #7 in the Winston Brothers Series by Penny Reid

-Who: Fans of epic love stories, beards, and/or southern gentlemen

-Where: Here!

-When: From now until November 4th!

-How: Enter through Goodreads

-Why: To read about beards...

The Gravity of Us by Phil Stamper

The Gravity of Us by Phil StamperEnter to win one of 5 ARCs of Phil Stamper's THE GRAVITY OF US! In this smart, heart-warming YA debut perfect for fans of Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera, two teens find love when their lives are uprooted for their parents’ involvement in a NASA mission to Mars.

Cal wants to be a journalist, and he’s already well underway with almost half a million followers on his FlashFame app and an upcoming internship at Buzzfeed. But his plans are derailed when his pilot father is selected for a highly-publicized NASA mission to Mars. Within days, Cal and his parents leave Brooklyn for hot and humid Houston.

With the entire nation desperate for any new information about the astronauts, Cal finds himself thrust in the middle of a media circus. Suddenly his life is more like a reality TV show, with his constantly bickering parents struggling with their roles as the "perfect American family."

And then Cal meets Leon, whose mother is another astronaut on the mission, and he finds himself falling head over heels--and fast. They become an oasis for each other amid the craziness of this whole experience. As their relationship grows, so does the frenzy surrounding the Mars mission, and when secrets are revealed about ulterior motives of the program, Cal must find a way to get to the truth without hurting the people who have become most important to him.

Flash, the Little Fire Engine by Pam Calvert

Flash, the Little Fire Engine by Pam CalvertIt’s Flash’s first day on the job as a little fire engine—and it’s going to be a busy one! But Flash is ready to jump into action and save the day. The only problem is, every time Flash tries to pitch in, he is either too little or too late to help out. What if no one needs him? When a fire erupts in the middle of town, it looks like Flash might be the only one available to help. Does he have what it takes to save the day?