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Emerging Church, TheIncludes Samples And Photos Of Emerging Church Worship Gatherings Recommended Resources For The Emerging ChurchThe Seeker Sensitive Movement Revolutionized The Way We Did Church And Introduced Countless Baby Boomers To Jesus Yet Trends Show That Today S Post Christian Generations Are Not Responding Like The Generations Before Them As We Enter A New Cultural Era, What Do Worship Services Look Like That Are Connecting With The Hearts Of Emerging Generations How Do Preaching, Leadership, Evangelism, Spiritual Formation, And, Most Of All, How We Even Think Of Church Need To Change The Emerging Church Goes Beyond Just Theory And Gets Into Very Practical Ways Of Assisting You In Your Local Church Circumstances There Is No One Right Way, No Model For Us All To Emulate But There Is Something Better Dan Kimball Calls It Vintage Christianity A Refreshing Return To An Unapologetically Sacred, Raw, Historical, And Jesus Focused Missional Ministry Vintage Christianity Connects With Emerging Post Seeker Generations Who Are Very Open Spiritually But Are Not Interested In Church For Pastors, Leaders, And Every Concerned Christian, Kimball Offers A Riveting And Easy To Grasp Exploration Of Today S Changing Culture And Gives Insight Into The New Kind Of Churches That Are Emerging In Its Midst Included Is Running Commentary By Rick Warren, Brian McLaren, Howard Hendricks, And Others.

Dan was born and raised in north eastern New Jersey, and got his BS in Landscape Architecture from Colorado State University Dan was a drummer in a rockabilly punk band for many years and lived in London, England for a year playing in the band After the band ended, Dan went to Israel and lived there for several months studying the Bible on his own to see whether Christianity was a valid faith, o

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 272 pages
  • Emerging Church, The
  • Dan Kimball
  • English
  • 02 August 2019

10 thoughts on “Emerging Church, The

  1. Wes Hunter says:

    in my opinion, this is the best book to read as an introduction to the idea of the emerging church it lays out the ideas of the post modern, post christian culture that the church of the modern era is failing to reach and gives a lot of practical ideas of how...

  2. Paul, says:

    THE EMERGING CHURCH VINTAGE CHRISTIANITY FOR NEW GENERATIONS BY DAN KIMBALLThis book is written to those in seeker sensitive churches who have found that the younger generation is not finding their services attractive His case is built on personal experience of what the postmodern generation is looking for Some of what he says he feels a little over trendy regardless of his protestations to the contrary However, he does have put forward some very good insights in this book The book is limited to American culture, focusing particularly on the state of things in the liberal West Coast.Deconstructing Postmodern Ministry, Candles, and CoffeeI think that Kimball makes several valid points in this section First, he notes that postmoderns do not come into church with a Judeo Christian worldview that everyone in previous generations was expected to have Instead of being people who would welcome Christianity if they could just be shown how it fits into their life, they are actively anti Christian because of our perceived abuses of power Second, Kimball notes that postmoderns are into spirituality, not presen...

  3. Todd Luallen says:

    Very engaging and thought provoking It s interesting to hear what Dan has to say about the culture and what people think about church Of all the books I ve read about how church is organized in America, this book is probably the most surprising and exciting.

  4. Guillermo Jiménez says:

    Un llamado a replantear la formas en que comunicamos el evangelio a un mundo posmoderno

  5. Andrew Fox says:

    Kimball s book was not only captivating in content but also in the layout of his material This was in itself a postmodern approach to written text with multiple suggestions, comments, dialogue and monologue on each page Divided into two parts Kimball explores deconstructing and reconstructing ministry The story of his friend Sky and how he became a Christian set the pace for part one Challenging the focus of worship and examining how we arrived here today by quoting the men of Issachar provokes expansive thought Thos men knew the times they were living in Multisensory approach to ministry that includes music, images, communion, incense and personal contribution appreciated the postmodern culture that needs to experience God This was recognized by accepting people return to their roots at some point But what if those roots were not Judeo Christianity After conducting personal interviews, Kimball makes the statement that a postmodern culture likes Christ but not the Christian He examines what the church is and what it is not Through the scriptures Kimball explains that Christians themselves are the church not the building we ...

  6. Ruth says:

    The one thing Kimball does effectively is to blast the shaky foundations of the seeker sensitive movement however, the careful reader will note that he does not escape from this morass in practice, as witnessed by the many points at which he seems concerned by what outsiders non Christians would think of the church than he seems concerned with their Christian counterparts Take for example his reference in Chapter 16 to his haircut homiletics sessions with his unsaved hairdresser, during which he s supposedly learned about preaching than in any seminary class Unfortunately, after who knows how many years of his using her to keep his finger on the pulse of the lost generations, a Christian friend of his almost ruined the entire set up by mentioning becoming saved in front of her Oh NO Now she was actually in danger of being confronted with the Gospel, something that Kimball had been carefully shielding the poor little postmodern hairdresser from for who knows how long If he had his way, it would be much better to take years of giving her dating advice before working around to faith, since that s what postmodernity demands Now don t get me wrong, I m all for building relationships and rapport with people after all, I have conversations with my own hairdresser that have led to spiritual things Sensitivity, care, and love are needed, but not to the extreme that causes us to avoid s...

  7. Zachary says:

    This is quite a challenging book for any traditional pastor In fact, I think the material presented within would be quite challenging even for pastors of modern churches But challenging in a good way I would encourage every pastor to read this and work through the material within, but maybe read a book like Stott s Cross of Christ or Noel Due s Created for Worship first to get your priorities straight.The need for having a firm Biblical foundation before reading this book is great because though the ideas and concepts are quite engaging and exciting, some of them can be easily carried out in excess and without the proper motivation, setting, and emphasis.Kimball also has a habit of generalizing and stereotyping which sound convincing but aren t necessarily true In addition to that, his criticism of the Seeker movement is rather passionate, but in the end his model is very similar, for it is also focused on one level at attracting people to church, though since this attraction is played out in a postmodern setting it looks, feels and behaves quite differently than the modern Seeker movement.What I think is good about this book as I thought the same about his corresponding Emerging Worship is that Kimball raises issues and difficulties facing the church at present These issues must be dealt with, but not necessarily the way...

  8. Kurt says:

    This is a mildly dated and basic but helpful book to introduce the emerging church to those who are otherwise unfamiliar with it The writing style is definitely modern, with organized chapters, charts, and an us them tone, which makes sense, as Kimball is trying to reach those who are not yet aware of the philosophical changes in the mostly younger generations who are not coming to their churches I have read a fair amount about the emerging church, and so far, the content here is consistent with other authors, and it is probably accessible than many other books out there It also has helpful information that I hadn t considered for example, postmoderns aren t going to one day just grow up and be modern like the rest of us I was challenged by this concept into questioning my own assumptions and my too frequently dissmissive attitude toward postmoderns as simply immature.My only real complaints about this book are in its visual layout and its lack of a warning when it comes to respect for Scripture The margins are filled with little boxes for other authors to comment on the topics, for definitions of key terms, and for one sentence summaries that are never all that helpful I think the intention was for these boxes to make the book conversational, but the effect is that of a junior high science textbook, and it gives this important subject a certain juvenile tone that doesn t serve it well Also, Kimball s p...

  9. Rachel McKinney says:

    Kimball tries really hard with this book From the post modern layout to the writing style, this book is supposedly a definitive apologetic for the Emergent movement The harder the author tries to explain and explore the concept, the traditional religious boxes he puts things into, until those readers like myself who are involved in what has been labeled the emergent movement do not recognize it, nor want to be associated with what is doomed to be another church program.Kimball anticipates this, and really makes a sincere effort explaining that these ideas are not a template to follow for programing, but a way of life Although it seems to be very beneficial for those unfamiliar with the Emergent movement, the heart of the story gets lost in the fancy packaging Read Re...

  10. Kessia Reyne says:

    Again don t judge a book by its cover This book is less about the emerging church as a movement and about re approaching church in terms of new old methodology Yes, Kimball does try to reshape what you think about church and evangelism, but this isn t a primer on the Christian movement everyone is talking about It s a simple and fast read didn t tell me a lot that I didn t already know, however, but I do think it...

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