The King in Yellow

The King in YellowRobert William Chambers 1865 1933 Naci En Brooklyn En Una Familia De Terratenientes De Origen Escoc S Estudi En El New York Art Student S League Y En 1886 Se Traslad A Par S, Donde Convivi Con La Bohemia Art Stica Del Fin De Siglo Cuando Chambers Regresa A Nueva York, Su Vocaci N De Ilustrador Cede A Su Pasi N Por Contar Historias Y Publica Un Primer Libro, In The Quarter 1894 , Sobre Sus Experiencias En Par S Le Seguir Un A O Despu S Una Colecci N De Relatos, El Rey De Amarillo, Que Le Convierte En Un Maestro Indiscutible Del Moderno Cuento De Terror, Capaz De Aportar Una Visi N Del Mal, El Horror Y Lo Sobrenatural, Alejada Por Completo Del Monstruo Y El Fantasma G Tico Cl Sico.En El Rey De Amarillo Relatos Macabros Y Terror Ficos T Tulo Que Hace Referencia A Una Obra Imaginaria, El Rey De Amarillo , Cuya Lectura Provoca Estupor, Locura Y Tragedia Espectral, Y De La Que El Necronomic N Lovecraftiano Es Deudor Hemos Seleccionado Los Cinco Relatos De Corte Fant Stico De La Colecci N Original Dejando De Lado Los Que No Lo Son La M Scara, En El Pasaje Del Drag N, El Reparador De Reputaciones, La Demoiselle D Ys Y, El M S Famoso, El Signo Amarillo Obra Maestra Del Cuento Macabro De Suspense, Con Un Final Escalofriante El Volumen Se Completa Con El Creador De Lunas Y Una Velada Placentera, Procedentes De The Maker Of Moons 1896 Y El Emperador P Rpura, El Mensajero Y La Llave Del Dolor, De The Mystery Of Choice 1897.En Estos Relatos, Precursores De Los Mitos De Chtulhu, Se Respira Una Atm Sfera Eminentemente Pesadillesca, Alucinatoria Y On Rica El Rey De Amarillo Relatos Macabros Y Terror Ficos Invoca Un Mundo De Caos Y Perdici N, Fascinante Y Repugnante Al Tiempo, Que Nos Recuerda Algunas Obras De Meyrink E Incluso Del Propio Kafka.

Robert William Chambers was an American artist and writer.Chambers was first educated at the Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute,and then entered the Art Students League at around the age of twenty, where the artist Charles Dana Gibson was his fellow student Chambers studied at the cole des Beaux Arts, and at Acad mie Julian, in Paris from 1886 to 1893, and his work was displayed at the Salon as ear

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  1. mark monday says:

    5 Stars for the wonderful opening story The Repairer of Reputations although i wonder if wonderful is the correct word after all, this is a story that opens with a bizarre, sometimes dire alterna history leading up to a 1920s America where on lookers gather to contemplate terminally dispirited disportment within suicide abetting Lethal Chambers and after this bit of surprising strangeness, the reader is plunged right into the mind of a classic Unreliable Narrator the poor lad struck his head after a fall from a horse and was never quite the same again , complete with insanely grandiose ambitions and malicious thoughts of revenge and devious yet doltish plans for his enemies who are everywhere, simply everywhere with the added bonuses of various books of ill repute, some surreal shenanigans starring a peculiarly malevolent cat, and the creepy Repairer himself all in all, it is a bracing and imaginative bit of darkness on the page and, to me at least, quite wonderful the style is so breezy, th...

  2. Jadranka says:

    ejmbersova zbirka pri a Kralj u utom do ivela je drugu mladost zbog emitovanja popularne HBO serije True Detective Seriju sam pratila, ali ne mogu da ka em da li je bolja serija ili knjiga, pre svega jer je re o potpuno razli itim proizvodima, a drugo jer se ne mo e re i da je serija ekranizacija ejmbersovih pri a i ideja, ve pre da je poslu ila mo da kao inspiracija scenaristi serije koji je od ejmbersa pozajmio par motiva.Zbirku Kralj u utom ini 10 pri a, i kao i na ve inu drugih italaca i na mene su daleko ve i utisak ostavile pri e sa po etka zbirke koje odi u tom lavkraftovskom atmosferom strave i u asa Me u njima posebno izdvajam prvu pri u Majstor za reputacije u okvire koje je poseban utisak na mene ostavila Smrtonosna dvorana dr avna ustanova u kojoj bezbolna smrt eka onoga koji vi e ne mo e da podnese tuge ovog ivota Osim ove, jo bih izdvojila pri e U Zmajevom sokaku i uti znak Zapravo centralni motiv ovih pri a jeste drama u dva ina pod imenom Kralj u utom, koja na itaoce destruktivno uti e, uni tavaju i im zdrav razum zbog ega je prakti no i zabranjena u tom zami ljenom ejmbersovom svetu.Sa druge strane, kroz pri e sa kraja zbirke autor prenosi atmosferu boemskog ivota mladih umetnika iz Latinske etvrt...

  3. صان says:


  4. Jean-marcel says:

    Can art drive a person insane Could there be a book, or a film, or a piece of music that vibrates against the cortext in a certain way, or opens great gulfs of revelation so profound and so shattering that you could never be exposed to it without being changed forever If the truth of such a piece got out, wouldn t anyone and everyone want to be exposed to it, scoffing and thinking that they, above all else, would be well equipped to handle any dangers, and yet feeling inescapably drawn to find out just what it is that makes such a thing work so potently on the human psyche Of course, these vistas, this mind altering vibration, could never, ever be described They could only be experienced And having had the experience, you would have to dissemanate it to others You wouldn t even have to try If you had the presence of mind to warn your friends against it, even that warning would plant the seed of gnosis, and before you could say Tears shall dry and die in dim Carcosa , they would be turning those mouldering pages, their eyes soon wide, staring into nothingness, but seeing.what It s the idea of the King in Yellow that s so powerful and sticks with you long after you ve finished Robert Chambers s odes to the play that nobody s ever read and remained untouched Throughout the first four stories of this book, you ll get tantalising glimpses of the first act of the play, which is apparent...

  5. Amy (Other Amy) says:

    Along the shore the cloud waves break,The twin suns sink beneath the lake,The shadows lengthenIn Carcosa.Strange is the night where black stars rise,And strange moons circle through the skiesBut stranger still isLost Carcosa.Songs that the Hyades shall sing,Where flap the tatters of the King,Must die unheard inDim Carcosa.Song of my soul, my voice is dead Die thou, unsung, as tears unshedShall dry and die inLost Carcosa.Cassilda s Song in The King in Yellow, Act I, Scene 2 I probably shouldn t open a review with lines from a play that has such ill effects on people, but the excerpts from the play were my favorite parts I have done homework for this review, which I now share with you In about 1887, Gustave Nadaud writes a poem called Carcassonne available online here about a man dying before he sets eyes on the city of his heart s desire This inspires Lord Dunsany to write a short story of the same name included in A Dreamer s Tales , William Faulkner to write a short story of the same name available in These Thirteen , and, apparently, Ambrose Bierce to write a short story called An Inhabitant of Carcosa available in Can Such Things Be Bierce s story in turn inspires Robert W Chambers to write a collection of short stories called A King in Yellow a review of which you are now reading , in which the first four interlocking st...

  6. Paulo "paper books always" Carvalho says:

    This is a hard book to give a rating.There are things that made me wanna stop the book than to continue But I stand firm and continue my path unfortunally the last two stories were too much for me I read and skipped several paragraphs at time because it was too damn boring without any purpose or interest But there are some cool stories.First of all, if you would like to try reading Robert W Chambers start with the first four short stories novellas These are the beginning of Weird Fiction as later Lord Dunsany, HP Lovecraft, William Hope Hodgson, Robert E Howard, Arthur Mchen or Clark Ashton Smith made it so popular.That s no coincidence that HP Lovecraft used some elements in it s Mythos and he said about Robert Chambers Very genuine, though not without the typical mannered extravagance of the eighteen nineties, is the strain of horror in the early work of Robert W Chambers, since renowned for products of a very different quality The King in Yellow, a series of vaguely connected short stories having as a background a monstrous and suppressed book whose perusal brings fright, madness, and spectral tragedy, really achieves notable heights of cosmic fear in spite of...

  7. Chris_P says:

    The Repairer of Reputations The Mask In the Court of the Dragon The Yellow Sign The Demoiselle D Ys The Prophets Paradise The Street of the Four Winds The Street of the First Shell The Street of our Lady of the Fields Rue Bar e 3.2Before Algernon Blackwood, Robert E Howard, Ray Bradbury, Thomas Ligotti and many , there was Robert W Chambers But the one who was influenced the most by Chambers was H P Lovecraft Some basic ideas from the myth of The King in Yellow were used by Lovecraft almost intact How the creator of Cthulu managed to maintain his well known originality is a whole other story Chambers uses haunting atmosphere to create cosmic horror and he does it well Not all his stories focus on horror, though Therefore, the reader might get distracted from the atmosphere that was built at first, especially with the last three stories My personal favorites are Demoiselle D Ys and The Prophets Paradise with the latter being an excellent ex...

  8. Sinem A. says:

    Kitab Sar Kral isimli benim bilmedi im bir karakter etraf nda toplanan gotik yk ler derlemesi oldu unu tahmin ederek alm t m ok yan lmamakla birlikte kitap bundan daha fazlas ym , okuyunca anlad m ncelikle Gotik edebiyat merakl lar bence ok sevecektir T r n duayenlerinden Poe ve Lovecraft da birer yk s ile yer al yor Kitap Poe nun me hur K z l l m n Maskesi hikayesi ile ba lay p Lovecraft n Karanl kta F s ldayan isimli insan n kan n donduran yk s ile kapan yor Asl nda Sar Kral Robet W Chambers taraf ndan yarat lan bir tiyatro metni ve tabiiki kurmaca Ger ekte b yle bir metin yok t pk Lovecraft n Necronomicon u gibi Kitap o unlukla Chambers n Sar Kral isimli bu tiyatro oyununa g ndermeleri olan hikayelerinden olu uyor yleyse Poe, Ambrose Bierce ve Lovecraft n bu kitapta ne i i var diye sorabilirsiniz Asl nda bu derleme kitap bir yandan da gotik edebiyat n geli imini g steriyor Yazarlar kr...

  9. El says:

    In 1986 Robert Chambers killed a young woman in Central Park in New York The media called Chambers the Preppie Killer.This Robert W Chambers is not the same guy Robert W Chambers died in 1933 and, as far as I know, didn t kill anyone Just so we re clear on that.The first four stories or so in this collection are loosely related, in that there s this connecting theme of a fictional drama called The King in Yellow Those who get their paws on it and read it wind up going crazy These stories are great I enjoyed the shit out of them.The rest of the stories did not follow along the same theme and it took me a while to realize that Like an embarrassingly long time Like I sat there wondering how the fifth story related to the first four I didn t realize that they wouldn t all be related in some way, so after my mind was blown by the actual King in Yellow stories, I was disappointed in the other stories Though, in reality, had I read those other stories separately I would have really enjoyed them as well Latin Quarter, Paris, bohemians I love that stuff But it wasn t what I wanted with this read I am reading spooky stuff for Halloween month, and while the first four stories fit my theme so well, the rest left me feeling cold and a little sad.That being said, The Street of the First Shell is a wonderful story What I will say about Chambers is he was incredible at writing atmospheric fiction I felt like I was with every character he ...

  10. Alex says:

    Camilla You, sir, should unmask.Stranger Indeed Cassilda Indeed it s time We have all laid aside disguise but you.Stranger I wear no mask.Camilla Terrified, aside to Cassilda No mask No mask The King In YellowI came to this by way of the HBO show True Detective, which is pretty cool although not anywhere near as clever as it thinks it is, and which features references to the Yellow King and to a ruined city called Carcosa Robert Chambers was the first guy to write about the Yellow King, in the first four stories in this 1895 book And they re pretty cool I liked the first and last ones the best Repairer of Reputations and The Yellow Sign El says not to bother reading the rest of it, so I didn t.The King in Yellow here is a play, and if you read past the first act of the play you go nuts And these stories are weird, macabre fiction in the grand American tradition that reaches back to Poe if we re being honest, past him and back to that master of horror Jonathan Edwards.Carcosa is mentione...

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