Chemical Burn

Chemical Burn Alex Creates A New Drug After Accidentally Mixing Chemicals One Night At Work After Sharing It With His Co Workers He Finds Out Just How Dangerous This Quickly Addictive Hallucinogenic Drug Is, But Is He Strong Enough To Destroy His Creation Is He Strong Enough To Survive His Strung Out Friends Chemical Burn Can Also Be Found In Room 118 3 Stories And The Upcoming Collection Of Jason White S Fiction, Isolation Chemical Burn Is Best Taken With A Toke And A Drink, Followed By Another Toke Its Psychedelic Nature Begs For You To Join In Its Quest For Spiritual Logic And, Dare I Say, Dominance C Bryan Brown, Title Goes Here Magazine Mr White Masterfully Weaves Together Tales Of Terror Rife With Horrifying Images That Linger Long After The Story Is Over This Is A Writer To Be Watched S Phera Gir N, Author Of House Of Pain, The Narcissist S BLT, And The Witch S Field

I am a podcaster with Darkness Dwells and The Great Lakes Horror Company Podcast with probably on the way I also BookTube as Jason s Weird Reads I am a writer of strange, dark fiction.

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  • Chemical Burn
  • Jason White
  • 04 January 2019

15 thoughts on “Chemical Burn

  1. Michael says:

    The young people who populate Jason White s world are flawed and dangerous, desperate to find meaning for their lives It s a perfect backdrop for a tale about addiction and disposability Which is not to say that his trademark wry humor is absent from this story Reading Chemical Burn is a bit like being high, the trippy prose planting ...

  2. Debbie Lyon says:

    An interesting concept in which the main character Alex accidentally creates a new drug by mixing chemicals together.Was a quick, easy read that passed my time.

  3. Kathryn says:

    Pretty good short story Good lesson on why you should not do drugs Haha

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