Chasing the Sun

Chasing the SunHannah Is Desperate For HelpWilliam Is Determined To Regain His Family S LandWhen Her Father Disappears In War Torn Mississippi, Hannah Dandridge Finds Herself Responsible Not Only For Her Younger Siblings But Also For The Texas Ranch Her Father Recently Acquired A Marriage Of Convenience Could Ease Her Predicament But Is It The True Desire Of Her Heart Wounded Soldier William Barnett Returns Home Only To Find Out That His Family S Ranch Has Been Seized Though Angered At This Turn Of Events, He S Surprised To Discover That It Is A Beautiful Young Woman With Amazing Fortitude Who Is Struggling To Keep The Place Running.Despite These Circumstances, Hannah And William Form An Uneasy Truce And An Undeniable Attraction Builds Between Them In A Land Where Loyalties Are Divided In A Country Ravaged By War, Is There Any Hope That The First Blush Of Love Can Survive

Tracie Peterson is a bestselling author who writes in both historical and contemporary genres Her novels reveal her love for research as well as her strong desire to develop emotionally meaningful characters and stories for her readers Tracie and her family live in Montana.pen name

[EPUB] ✾ Chasing the Sun ❃ Tracie Peterson –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 355 pages
  • Chasing the Sun
  • Tracie Peterson
  • English
  • 18 November 2019

10 thoughts on “Chasing the Sun

  1. Katie says:

    First posted on my blog, Legacy of a Writer.Set during the tumultuous years during the War Between the States, Tracie Peterson s newest release, Chasing the Sun, turned out to be a very pleasant read Hannah Dandridge s life has been anything but easy, and when she is left to care for her siblings and stands to lose the ranch the very thing she needs is a handsome cowboy to ride in and save the day even if she won t admit it Hannah and William were both likable characters, with their own flaws and problems threaded into the story Their romance seemed a bit clich to me heart flutters at first sight and all and I never really saw much progression They just saw met and took an instant liking to each other that they of course refused to admit to for the longest time.I don t normally find this problem in Christian fiction but I felt there was too much dragged out preaching in the book And that s a lot, coming from me as I like a strong Christian view point But in Chasing the Sun, I just felt as if it was too heavy Just kind of dropped heavily into selected scenes instead of sprinkled and woven throughout.The storyplot was interesting, if somewhat overused But, for fear of giving away anything in the book, I ll refrain from saying anything The story moved along well enough, but there wasn t a lot of tension throughout Oh, there were several climatic moments, yes but none ever held out for long or went very high, in my opinion this coming from an action and sus...

  2. Angela says:

    It s been a while since I ve read a Tracie Peterson novel but this one reminded me of why I enjoy her writing so much This was a great story I love the Civil war era, the Texas frontier, a ranch setting, cowboys, Indians, Mexicans, hard working virtuous women, equally hard working honorable men, and adorable little kids who just want to grow up and be like the amazing adults around them This story has all of that and It has a villain that you can really despise and an emotional story that you can really connect with Hannah and William are wonderful characters Each endures some hefty emotional stress brought on by the decisions of other people, yet each chooses to trust God to work things out and make things better Hannah s younger siblings, Andy and Marty are just precious Andy tries so hard to be a man and Marty s tall tales are something else, lol I love Juanita, Berto, and Pepit...

  3. Ibjoy1953 Hannabass says:

    Set in Texas during the Civil war, life was not easy for Hannah Dandridge and her family When her father goes to see his sick mother, Hanna is left to take care of her younger siblings and the the ranch her father recently acquired The war had caused so my division in Texas, and even the ranch now owned by Hannah s family was was questionable When William Barnett shows up and finds his family ranch occupied by someone else, he determines to get his family s homestead back Being a story written during the Civil War, some parts of this story is so difficult to read But it s something we all need to understand, that life has not always been as easy as it is for most of us today And Tracie Peterson does what she always does so well, writes a story that will capture you from the very beginning and keep you interested until the last page There s a lot happening, difficulties and betrayal, many twists and turns I love the suspense, and enough romance to ...

  4. Meg says:

    I really enjoyed this book I thought that Hannah was a good character, especially given the normal redundancy of Peterson s characters There was enough to bring her out of the overused characters that the author sometimes gets into the habit of doing I liked the time setting, the politics and cultural social repercussions being addressed well, and the secondary characters I really liked William Barnett He, despite being away from God at the beginning, was always at his best He had friends, contacts, etc but never flashed them about just to get what he wanted right then and there His only flaw was the injury which I liked, it made him real than being 100% perfect I liked Lockhart s character as the villain although I felt that his end was lackluster and the foreshadowing of him being a villain down the line was way too blatant to fit with the story Being so obvious was poorly written in my opinion I also felt that it was clear that he w...

  5. Lynne Young says:

    I have been a Tracie Peterson fan for a long time I know when I pick up one of her books I won t put it down until it s finished, and this book was no different.Strong willed Hannah Dandridge is valiantly trying to keep things going on her Texas ranch in her fathers absence while at the same time raising her young brother and sister Not having heard from her father in a while she becomes concerned and asks his law partner, Herbert Lockhart, to find out if her father is okay Mr Lockhart however, has other ideas.In comes William Barnett, the son of the former owner of the ranch back from the war Not knowing his families ranch was given to the Dandridges he assumes he is home What ensues between Hannah and William and Herbert, not to mention the Indians, makes this a well rounded book full of suspense, intrigue, romance and faith.I highly recommend this book which is Book 1 of the Land Of The Lone Star series I cannot wait until Book 2...

  6. Erin Forson says:

    This is a Christian novel, and therefore, the theme of faith in God and Christian behavior is primary to the story and writing I enjoyed the plotting and the historical elements of the story, and having lived in Texas for many years, I felt that the representation of Texan culture was spot on, especially for the period However, the relationship between Hannah and William switched from one of annoyed tolerance and hostility to love far too late in the story There was no spark and no real connection between the characters their love seemed to develop because it was time to have them connect in the story, rather than a organic romantic relationship That, coupled with a slight heavy handedness in metaphor for instance a Native American who refuses salvation, He Who W...

  7. Thomas Edmund says:

    The plotMrs sorry Miss Perfect meets Mr will be perfect when he gets a wife, they bond over healing sick Injuns, and despite the best laid plans of a fat balding man, succeed at marrying and keeping the family ranch which if somehow both of their family s without resorting to incest The GoodPleasant enough, easy to read tale.The BadAuthor s Avid research comes across as attempting to convince rather than being skilfully incorporated into storyline He was twice my age but that wasn t unusual for a Southern marriage The UglyTension is a foreign concept to this book Any concerning event is almost instantly resolved, usually within the next paragraph, the clim...

  8. Izzie says:

    It was alright for the most part except it was soooooo preachy I think it actually took away from the story as well, I mean, it certainly didn t add to it And it was kinda racist with the interactions with the Comanche, the Mexicans, etc

  9. Ed says:

    I enjoyed reading this novel taking place in Texas during the civil war I had a hard time putting it down because of the excitement that took place in every chapter I just had to know what was going to happen next.

  10. Jennifer says:

    Originally posted on my blog, Blogful of Books.I took a journey through my past blog posts and was a little shocked that I have never reviewed a Tracie Peterson novel I ve read a lot When I first stepped out of the children s section of the library and bookstores, but often the library I entered the world of Christian fiction My mom and older sister were fans of authors like Beverly Lewis, Karen Kingsbury, Janette Oke, and Tracie Peterson We had a couple of series by Tracie Peterson, which I really enjoyed as a 13 14 year old Since then I ve read Peterson sAlaskan Quest SeriesBrides of Gallatin County SeriesThe Broadmoor Legacy Series On second thought I don t think I have read the third book yet Ladies of Liberty SeriesSong of Alaska SeriesHeirs of Montana SeriesAnd now Land of the Lone Star Series.From this list you can assume I like Tracie Peterson s books You re probably just wondering why I like that Peterson s books are historical, that they are set in interesting places like Alaska, Montana, and Texas , and that they always include a little bit of adventure I like that her books are simple, and I don t mean that in a negative way There are times when I...

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