Jonas (Beautiful Dead, #1)

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Eden Maguire graduated from Birmingham University with a PhD in English Lit and now lives in the Yorkshire Dales with her two daughters, her horse, Merlin, plus a dog and a cat She spends part of each year at a ranch in Colorado, where she rides alone in the mountains her idea of perfect happiness Whenever she can, she loves to indulge her passion for travel and take in the world s major citie

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  • Jonas (Beautiful Dead, #1)
  • Eden Maguire
  • Czech
  • 22 February 2018

10 thoughts on “Jonas (Beautiful Dead, #1)

  1. Rebecca says:

    This book irked me for many reasons Listed in the order that they annoyed me as I read it Firstly, the names How many people do you know with names like Phoenix, Arizona, Darina and HUNTER esp as he would have been named aaages ago not exactly a realistic name Now, does practically everyone you know have kinda kooky names like that Probably not It s fine to have odd names for your SIMs or whatever, but not in books Secondly, all the Twilight copying. I mean, obviously it got published because the publishers thought twee little Twilighters would love another paranormal romance that makes no logical sense, but PLEASE The main similarities that I can remember and that got to me areeeeee 1 The Beautiful Dead all look like they did before they died but even beautiful, ahhh, with pale white skin etc etc, blurg x.x OH, and they all have special powers now, surprise surprise 2 They live in a big family group out of town and cannot let people know they exist, because even though they are really powerful, humans just can t be beaten 3 The reinvention of a traditional supernatural creature in Twilight it s Vampires, here it s zombies I mean, hello zombies are NOTHING like the BD give them another name or something but don t just do the Twilight reinvention thing 4 All the other stupid little similarities calls her mom by her first name...

  2. Kim says:

    Eh How shall I put this The ideas behind this book are good But the writer just didn t do enough with it in my opinion this is just what goes on in my head and to be honest after a while I started skipping pages because I got so bored First of all Darina Who is madly in love with Phoenix, who is one of the 4 kids that died within the last year After a few days she starts seeing him pop up in a few places and she discovers he is still alive He and the other 3 kids Jonas, Arizona and Summer are The Beautiful Dead And that s my spider sense started tingling.Yes a teenager s love is epic Nobody has ever been in love like they are blah blah I honestly don t have any idea why she fell in love with Phoenix in the first place either his looks or the guy is a viking in the sack, I dunno to be honest Same goes for Jonas and his girlfriend Zoey ...

  3. Rach Arthur says:

    I miss you so much It hurts so much More than an ache a sharp pain, like a knife in my heart And now I m holding you, I can see your blue eyes, feel your soft lips My god I can t believe there s actually a book MORE dramatic than Twilight out there.

  4. Kristen says:

    I have to be very honest about this book I didn t like it The beginning confused the snot out of me In the opening scene, Darina is in the middle of nowhere looking at an old decrepit house No clue why she s there, but her boyfriend Pheonix just died two days ago and low and behold he is there, with 3 other dead kids and a guy described as An older guy, with grey hair And to be honest, the descriptions of characters does not progress at all One of the girls is described as fair haired and that s it Her boyfriend Pheonix is just beautiful and again. we know his eye color and hair color They are the Beautiful Dead You get a bit of information about what that means they ve come back from the in between and have a year to figure out why they died.And so, Darina doesn t get her memory zapped and becomes the little human helper of the group The other thing that sort of bugged me was the fact that it was from Darina s point of view, but her mother was always called Laura outside of dialogue which confused me I thought she was a stepmother or adopted mother of some sort.Oh, and that older guy with grey hair he s the overlord but no o...

  5. Olivia says:

    It was the plot and the cover, to be honest that made me pick up this book I was hoping for an epic story of love, angels and horror But unfortunately, I didn t get that I really love the idea for this series, and it could have been really good But it wasn t.All the characters were boring Flat It feels like the author was like Okay, so I ve got this good idea But damn it, I can t write a book without characters The were all kind of predictable and without any personalities If I had to describe them, everyone would get the same description They were all the same.The writing was not of my taste either ...

  6. Kristine says:

    I am trying to think of one redeemable thing about this book and I find myself coming up short At some point in the third chapter I decided to take notes on the things I disliked about the book, but there were so many that it was taking too long for me to read the book and I just wanted to be done with it There are so many things wrong with this book the characters were un relatable, the situations were unbelievable, the setting was just stupid Just about every sentence I came across something that made me dislike the book spoilers Darina is your typical moody emo teen, who knows why, because apparently she is hot stuff and everyone wants her We readers would not know because the author never bothers with actual descriptions of the characters All she tells us is that every single character in the book is unearthly beautiful Oh, except Darina s best guy pal, Logan, who wants to be than friends but he looks like a total geek, so why would she ever date him Darina is the most self centered, egotistical, total bitch of a character I had a hard time believing any of the other characters wanted to actually be her friend She is rude, sarcastic, and downright mean, especi...

  7. John says:

    Title Beautiful DeadAuthor Eden MaguirePublisher Sourcebooks FireThis book made me completely and utterly stumped as to how to rate it I had seen it in stores, and loved the premise and cover, but never picked it up When I got offered an ARC from teensreadtoo, I jumped on the chance And I still can t figure it out On one hand, it wasn t amazing, and has first novel in series syndrome, on the otherit was fun and slightly dark and cool to read Eden Maguire introduces us to our protagonist, Darina, who is dealing with the deaths of four students from her high school within the past year Jonas, Arizona, Summer, and Phoenix The last one hit home, Phoenix being her boyfriend of two months But, in Darina s depressed state, she thinks she sees Phoenix alive, so she follows himAnd discovers the world of the Beautiful Dead.The Beautiful Dead is actually the four students, along with four other people, that have died within the past year At the head is a man named Michael, who is cold and distant to Darina They try to control her mind and make her forget, but her love for Phoenix is too strong, so she makes a deal In order to retain knowledge of their little zombie state, she has to help e...

  8. Rems says:

    I think I really, really, really wanted to like this book when I picked it up The premise looked good The cover looked good, dark and mysterious But it just didn t quite cut it I ve been fumbling with the idea of giving this three stars or , or less, but I think it s three I did enjoy it not as much as I wanted to and some parts of it irked me off unbelievably But it gave me suspense when I needed it, some of the romance orientated stuff finally cut out of being corny and sounded believable, and the overuse of the word totally finally dulled down near the end.The story begins with Darina, living in a small town out in the US someplace it never specifies She s partially grieving due to the loss of her boyfriend, Phoenix, and whilst trailing around a barn in the middle of nowhere she sees him along with four other teenagers who have also died seemingly alive, breathing, no longer dead Stunned, she runs away, but like a person possessed, she returns the next day andgets rebuked, but manages to come back again and thus learns they are the Beautiful Dead, souls with unfinished business, to a degree in the sense...

  9. Connie says:

    Source I own this book Cost It was a gift Title Jonas Series The Beautiful Dead 1 Author Eden Maguire Overall Rating 3.9Darina has lost everything, her one true love died Stabbed to death in a gang fight And now as she wonders aimlessly in the Alpines near her house, she comes across an old farmhouse with her dead boyfriend Phoenix inside, along with three other dead kids and she truly believes she has gone insane But if there s a chance that Phoenix is really there, and really alive, she wasn t going to give this chance up Learning that these four kids are here from Limbo to figure something out, Hunter, the heartless overlord, enlists Darina as their connection to the human world to help figure things out But she has to help each person individually before their time runs out Starting with Jonas.Jonas was a boy who loved his girl, loved his bike and was loved by everyone His death in a motor cycle crash devastated the town and it paralysed his girlfriend who was riding on the back It was put down to speeding but Jonas denies that he would ever endanger Zoe When Darina begins to uncover what actually happened, she realises that not everything is as it seemed I loved this series in 2009, I loved it The...

  10. Nora Cayetano says:

    Mientras espero a que mi copia de Days of Magic, Nights of War cruce la aduana, qu mejor que dedicarme a leer libros tranquilos y que no me hagan pensar en exceso Adem s, este cuenta una historia que SEGURAMENTE nadie hab a contado antes Phoenix, el guapo e inteligente, pero rebelde novio de Darina, no est vivo ni muerto Todo mundo en el pueblo lo da por muerto y sepultado, menos ella, que lo ha visto congregado junto a otros muertos recientes en una granja oculta en medio del bosque Lo que Darina descubre es que Phoenix, al morir, se convirti en una de las Almas Escogidas , muertos a los que se les ha dado una segunda oportunidad para resolver los misterios que envuelven sus ltimas horas de vida Y, con tal de estar junto a su amado Phoenix unas horas m s, Darina se compromete a ayudarlos.Esta historia podr a ser muy interesante tenemos a cuatro adolescente muertos Jonas, Summer, Arizona y Phoenix , que ocupan develar misterios y atender asuntos pendientes, pero no son del todo capaces, por lo que su compa era de clases novia, Darina, hace las veces de detective y confidente Podr a haber sido una original historia para cha...

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