The Controversial Countess

The Controversial CountessLove And BetrayalA Cool Master Of Sensuality, Rafael Whitbourne, The Duke Of Candover, Earned His Rakish Reputation In The Silken Boudoirs Of London S Highborn Ladies, Never Giving Away His Hand Or His Heart.Then A Vital Mission For His Government Takes Rafe To Paris To Work With The Countess Madga Janos, The Most Beautiful Spy In Europe He Is Appalled To Discover That The Smoky Eyed Temptress Is No Hungarian Countess, But The Deceitful Doxie Who Betrayed Him A Dozen Years Earlier The Only Woman He Ever Loved, And The Only One He S Ever Despised.Margot Ashton Wants Nothing Than To Walk Away From Her Turbulent Past And The Mesmerizing Man Who Ruined Her Life But Patriotism Binds Them Together In A Shadowland Of Intrigue Where A Diabolical Plot May Plunge A Continent Back Into War And A Whirlwind Of Passion Sweeps Margot And Rafe Into A Shattering Passion That Cannot Be Denied.

M.J Putney.Mary Jo Putney was born in Upstate New York with a reading addiction, a condition for which there is no known cure After earning degrees in English Literature and Industrial Design at Syracuse University, she did various forms of design work in California and England before inertia took over in Balti, Maryland, where she has lived very comfortably ever since.While becoming a novelist was her ultimate fantasy, it never occurred to her that writing was an achievable goal until she acquired a computer for other purposes When the realization hit that a computer was the ultimate writing tool, she charged merrily into her first book with an ignorance that illustrates the adage that fools rush in where angels fear to tread Fortune sometimes favors the foolish and her first book sold quickly, thereby changing her life forever, in most ways for the better But why didn t anyone tell me that writing would change the way one reads Like a lemming over a cliff, she gave up her freelance graphic design business to become a full time writer as soon as possible.Since 1987, Ms Putney has published twenty nine books and counting Her stories are noted for psychological depth and unusual subject matter such as alcoholism, death and dying, and domestic abuse She has made all of the national bestseller lists including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USAToday, and Publishers Weekly Five of her books have been named among the year s top five romances by The Library Journal The Spiral Path and Stolen Magic were chosen as one of Top Ten romances of their years by Booklist, published by the American Library Association.A nine time finalist for the Romance Writers of America RITA, she has won RITAs for Dancing on the Wind and The Rake and the Reformer and is on the RWA Honor Roll for bestselling authors She has been awarded two Romantic Times Career Achievement Awards, four NJRW Golden Leaf awards, plus the NJRW career achievement award for historical romance Though most of her books have been historical, she has also published three contemporary romances The Marriage Spell will be out in June 2006 in hardcover, and Stolen Magic written as M J Putney will be released in July 2006 Ms Putney says that not least among the blessings of a full time writing career is that one almost never has to wear pantyhose.

[Epub] ➟ The Controversial Countess By Mary Jo Putney –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 384 pages
  • The Controversial Countess
  • Mary Jo Putney
  • English
  • 06 November 2017

10 thoughts on “The Controversial Countess

  1. Viri says:

    En realidad es 3.5

  2. Corrine says:

    I had plenty of warnings, but I was still rather stunned at how underwhelmed I was by this book But I perservered because I really wanted to follow the series in sequence Unfortunately, it took up my entire weekend because I could not force myself to sit down and read this in long stretches Not that it was horrible, mind you, but because it seemed like in terms of the romance, nothing was happening Rafe, Duke of Candover, made a life alteringly bad jump to conclusion when he was 21, and it cost him the love of his life, Margot Ashton After being accused of infidelity, Margot went with her father to Paris where they both were killed However, Rafe is surprised when he journeys to Paris twelve years later to find that the spy he is to work with is no other than Margot As they work together, the two veer from friendship to animosity to passion to respect at least, that s what the author wants us to believe I personally didn t feel anything between the two of them And therein lies the problem Although the historical details of post Waterloo Paris are meticulously explained, they completely overshadow any romance that may have lurked in the pages We re told that they still love each other and want each other, but it s not bro...

  3. Myself says:

    3 5Puede que un 2,5.El libro no est mal pero me aburri tanta trama de esp as e historias pol ticas, de ah que no le ponga mucha nota.La pareja no est mal pero el que de verdad me ha interesado y he visto que el libro 4 trata de l es Robin, as que voy a leerme los pr ximos dos por lo menos.

  4. Kate says:

    Oh MJP I always love your characters Your villains are often pretty good too.In this case, I thought the story was a bit one sided I felt like Rafe was given the larger responsibility for his falling out with Maggie, but then when it came time for them to heal, he was the one in charge there as well Maggie is supposedly this strong, independent woman Yes, she has a past, and that past hurts, and she has to come to accept it But the fact that she never once told Rafe that he was wrong about her, even after Rafe came back, shows a streak of foolish pride that I never felt was resolved.I did, as always, love the writing, and the story is incredible The villain was actually fairly well done, though as is usually the case for me, I could have read a full trilogy just with this plot Nefarious spy villain Yes please There were some interesting twists and surprises too I enjoyed it, and will likely re read it so I can work out some of my issues in my head, mainly the one which follows SPOILERS I was a bit miffed at the Maggie Robin relationship It was complicated, and I don t feel like it wa...

  5. Belinda Kroll says:

    While I managed to finish this book, I just didn t enjoy it as much as The Bargain The hero and heroine are trying to hurt each other even as they fight their feelings for each other and struggle with the memories of their past romance The way they hurt one another in the past was a series of traumatic events for the heroine that I just couldn t believe anyone would be able to get past it I wanted to like this book ,...

  6. Mukadis says:

    I am giving it 5 big dazzling stars It would be a rare thing for me to find a book of Mary Jo putney that I didn t like reading, but this one especially made me so happy I loved it mostly, because I have been wanting to read Rafe s story for quite a while now Ever since he was mentioned in the The Bargin by Mary Jo putney, I was intrigued by his story from the start, and honestly it quite lived up to my expectation This is the 2nd book in the fallen angel series featuring Duke of Candover Rafael Whitbourne is a dashing rake, known for his countless affairs with married widowed women He lost his one true love when he was young due to a horrible misunderstanding She leaves London with her father and after some time is believed to be dead 13 loveless years later the duke find his one true love again Under very unusual circumstances The story is very intriguing and revolves around Rafe and Margot Maggie, while they work together as spies to uncover the assassination plots after Waterloo It s quite an interesting story with a lot of even interesting characters I especially loved the side story of Madame Helene Sorel and Colonel Von Fehre...

  7. ARomanceLover says:

    Rafe, Duke of Candover, is sent to find out who is plotting against the movers and shakers at the peace talk in France where he meets the mysterious spy Countess Janos Turns out she is his sweetheart who he thought betrayed him Maggie has completely reinvented herself but she still can t shake her attraction to Rafe After reading the first book in this series I couldn t wait to crack this one open The beginning though was a bit slow and not as sharp and snappy like as I know MJP s writing can be Though Maggie Margot was a tortured soul I didn t really think Rafe was deeply enough portrayed throughout the book In general, we got to know Maggie well and Rafe not so much except that he wants her so bad he considers the R word for a second Maybe he is just a typical male and not much else but I expected him to have depth The secondary characters were great, I especially liked the side romance of Maggie s friend and the Prussian soldier, even than I liked Maggie and Rafe...

  8. Cruth says:

    Author Mary Jo PutneyFirst published 1989, 2011Originally published as The Controversial Countess, 1989Length 5664 locationsSetting 1815 during the discussions of The Treaty of Paris after Napoleon s second abdication.Sex A part of who they are She was gang raped in the past view spoiler <...

  9. Dangermousie says:

    So much fun Mainly because it uses one of my favorite set ups Long ago lovers who meet again At 21, Rafe Candover was madly in love with, and engaged to, Margot Ashton, who was all of 18 But he found out she cheated pssst, not a spoiler, since this is a romance novel he was set up , and when he confronted her about it, she threw the engagement ring in his face without defending herself and that was that He loved her enough to beg her to marry him anyway once a few days passed, but by that point she was gone to France, to be killed there a short time after And Rafe went on to being an unhappy person who slept around, as one does in those sorts of books And now it s 13 years later, post Waterloo, and Rafe s friend Lucien, who is a spymaster of some sorts and for whom Rafe does occasional work, has asked him to travel to Paris to help to convince one of the lady spies to keep working and also help uncover a plot against Wellington Rafe does so andsurprise surprisethe spy is his long lost love Margot, who is actually alive Angst Anger...

  10. Jacqueline J says:

    This has never been one of my favorites not because it isn t good because it is It s just that the 2nd chance at love theme here is so so painful that I have a problem with it Otherwise of course it is well written and intricately plotted I also enjoyed the s...

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