Never Mind the Balkans, Here's Romania

Never Mind the Balkans, Here's RomaniaRom Nul Postcomunist Consum Frenetic Televiziune, Pres I, De Tot Recent, Internet Produc Ia I Consumul De Scrieri Literare Scad Dramatic Se Nmul Esc Ns Nea Teptat Cronicile Despre Rile Rom Ne Datorate Unor C L Tori Str Ini Ca Ntr O C Dere Brutal Prin Tunelul Timpului, Ne Redescoperim N Scrisul Lor Dimensiunea Noastr Exotic , De Fanario I Incorigibili Mike Ormsby E, F R Ndoial , Mai Mult Dec T Un C L Tor Str In, El E Noul Om Global Ndr Gostit Ilogic De Rom Nia Si, Mai Ales, De Transilvania Too Good To Be True De La D Mbovi A, Ap Dulce La Ar Trist , Plin De Humor, Toate Tr Irile Memorabile Legate De Rom Nia S Nt Revizitate Sensibil De Un Nativ Al Limbii B Tr Nului Will Ce Se Poate Nt Mpla De Aici Nainte Ori Rom Nia Va Deveni Mai Englezeasc , Ori Mike Ormsby Va Fi Absorbit N Abisul Nostru Oriental, De Margine De Lume.

Three of Mike s stories were published in the anthology Bucharest Tales New Europe Writers, 2010.Mike is the editor of Loving An Alien Nicoaro Books, 2016.Screenplays Barcelona 2013, optioned in NYC Hey Mr DJ 2007, filmed in Kigali Enfants dits Sorciers 2002, filmed in Kinshasa In Her Own Image 2000, optioned in L.A Mike blogs for Unicef Congo, and Radio Free Europe If you buy one of his books and do not like it, he will be happy to accept a refund Thank you and meow for now..

[KINDLE] ✽ Never Mind the Balkans, Here's Romania Author Mike Ormsby –
  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Never Mind the Balkans, Here's Romania
  • Mike Ormsby
  • Romanian
  • 04 April 2019

10 thoughts on “Never Mind the Balkans, Here's Romania

  1. Raluca says:

    I want to say that it s brutally funny, but not because it s funny in a superlative term, but because it s brutally honest and that makes it funny, but it also makes it sad for us Romanians the way he sees us, which is how we see us as a nation, when we are truthful about how we really are There s good and there s quirky, you might say, but then there s bad and very bad and, sadly, we make fun of the...

  2. Sejla Dizdarevic says:

    Excellent read, if you can stand the truth and lough about it I was intrigued by the title, coming from a Balkan country, and somebody compared the writer to Bill Bryson whose books I love , so I had to read it And I wasn t disappointed, I laughed a lot and could place each of the stories in my own country, Bosnia Particularly amusing are the stories describing old fashioned services, like in the post office, with which we are all stuck as long as it s happe...

  3. Igor Guzun says:

    ici, n cartea lui Mike Ormsby, Rom nia se contureaz , treptat, pagin cu pagin , om cu om, situa ie cu situa ie i bucat cu bucat , ntr un puzzle surprinz tor, cu toate culorile deopotriv str lucitoare i neclare, aprinse i stinse ale rii Asta e Rom nia, ce s i facem , exclam pe paginile c r ii un personaj al lui Mike.Exact, ca n via , tanti Tatiana de la M gura, care a rostit, cu un amestec de nsufle ire i comp timire A a e, ce s i faci , c nd Mike i a spus c suntem de la Chi in u n acest puzzle, intitulat Grand Bazar Rom nia i scris cu dragoste, totul e fascinant oamenii, peisajul, istoria, m ncarea Mihai Eminescu, poetul na ional, este un romantic cu fa de star rock.Palinca este arma secret de alcoolizare n mas a rom nilor.Iar spera...

  4. Violeta says:

    This book has a strong personality The author has a fresh and interesting way to see and to present those details of the everyday life of a country that make it unique, but are often difficult to see from inside Is it funny Is it sad Both And we certainly need to see both, if we want to cure Great ...

  5. Angela says:

    Here s what the media literary critics say about Never Mind the Balkans, Here s Romania , and its author He s likeable, lucid, with a big soul and a lot of humour The English journalist offers neither a fa ade, nor caricature, but reality today s Romania.Mike Ormsby has not the slightest intention of flattering us, nor of treating us with the superiority of those coming from the civilised world to the backward East He insists on writing exactly what he sees, lives and feels in today s colourful Romania His western mentality is that of someone formed in a system that has worked for generations, of someone who has in his blood politeness and respect for law and human rights, as well as civic responsibility This way of thinking is constantly contradicted by aberrations that to us appear normal.Put simply, it s very hard for him to understand the lack of reliability and punctuality, the infernal and idiotic bureaucracy, the national institution of bri es and petty envy, the bad manners, the impunity of cheats and the ostentatious arrogance of the nouveau riche, the poor work ethic and cruelty to animals by Adriana Bittel, Formula AS Romania has found itself a British Caragiale The book makes you die laughing at out national failings, the sort that drive some less tolerant Romanians abroad by Raluca Ion, Cotidianul He does not flatter or indulge us, nor does he play our national sport of turning away, indifferent If M...

  6. Stephen says:

    funny and interesting short stories of a brit living in Romania

  7. Guiceland says:

    A lovely book about a lovely place.In the Romanian version of the creation myth God creates the earth and starts assigning different people to different lands, but realizes suddenly that one land has every natural resource and would dominate the world I know , says God, I will give it to the Romanians, because they would never manage to conquer the world Never mind the Balkans, here s Romania is a wonderful book that brought back many happy memories of the two years that I and my family spent in Romania from 1994 1996 I read the book...

  8. Sanda says:

    I loved it You will enjoy this different point of view and will laugh and maybe cry a little, if you have a fine sense of irony I recommend it both for romanian people and for tourists in the land of Dracula I am looking forward to the next book Mike Ormsby will write

  9. Roxana Chirilă says:

    The book s best asset is its awesome, occasionally hilarious writing style You can feel the journalist behind the writer Mike Ormsby is attentive to details, straightforward yet still able to convey the atmosphere, capable of conveying his point of view without losing himself in rants or considerations.However, the stories wander a bit aimlessly, sometimes going back to the same themes over and over without necessarily saying...

  10. Andree says:

    I find Never mind the Balkans such a captivating book Once I started, I couldn t stop reading it Easy to read, obviously, but what really impressed me were the realistic stories Written in a simple manner, with a picaresque touch, the short stories reveal the Romania a confused, wondering but kind hearted foreigner had to deal with And mind you all he did not come to Romania planning to write this The book is the outcome of his exposure to the country and the people I like the style, really reminding of Caragiale s situational comedy, but also of Ionesco s absurd It is great how modern local archetype characters are brought to light and depicted the reckless driver, the inefficient public servant, the corrupt lawyer, but also the pensive intellectual and the good father figure.I really appreciate the author s objectivity although the first person singular is widely...

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