FeatherLucy Is A Bright Eyed, Fiery Redhead With A Quick Wit And A Photographic Memory On The Night Of The Spring Equinox, Lucy Meets Nathaniel, A Dark And Mysterious Man Who At First Appears To Have Amnesia Lucy Feels Inexplicably Drawn To Nathaniel And Is Amazed To Discover That He Is Invisible To Everyone But Herself Fearing She Is Going Insane Or Worse, Losing Her Photographic Memory Lucy Goes On A Hunt For Answers What She Learns Turns Her World Upside Down.FEATHER Is A Tale Of Love, The Power Of Memories, And The Struggle Between Right And Wrong.How Far Would You Go To Save Your True Love S Soul

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 337 pages
  • Feather
  • Laurie Lyons
  • English
  • 22 July 2018

10 thoughts on “Feather

  1. Nevaeh Lee says:

    This paranormal romance is also a debut novel and I have to say, Well done, Ms Lyons Feather had a great storyline I love angels and flowed well, with a nice balance between dialogue, description, and action There were a few minor editing issues, but nothing that detracted from the overall story And although the characters are all college age, the content is pretty PG, so I m guessing this book would do pretty well with YA audiences too.One of the strengths of this book is definitely the characters I loved Nathaniel aka Angel boy he s absolutely perfect Then again, he is an angel so no surprise there, right I was torn about Lucy aka human girl though On the one hand, I loved her unique abilities, which definitely had me intrigued I also loved that she was extremely inquisitive and stubborn, both characteristics that I like maybe because that s how I am o What I didn t like was that she acted pretty immature on than one occasion, which always frustrates me to no end However, she is young so I guess I should cut her some slack Plus, when push came to shove, she acted like an adult when making difficult decisions, though obviously I won t ...

  2. Shelby says:

    AAhh.paranormal romances How I just love me a paranormal romance Now, other reviews have spoiled what Nathaniel is, and considering it is a paranormal romance and the cover is a VERY big clue , I m assuming y all can figure it out But, I m not about spoilers so if you want to know what he is, read this review, then scout out some others Anyway, carrying on..I absolutely LOVED THIS BOOK I zoomed through it the first time because I couldn t put it down and then had to re read it because I knew I missed some great moments So yes, I have read it TWICE And the second time I had to stop myself from zooming through it again and pace myself.I loved many parts of this book and will go into those in a minute, but what I loved most about this book, is it has a strong, female character, like most YA novels, which this could also be considered NA because of their age but Lucy doesn t whine and mope around thinking she isn t good enough for Nathaniel and why does he loves me when he is soooo out of my league blah blah.BLAH Ugh, that crap is really getting to me in YA novels lately, seems to be the theme Lucy meets Nathaniel and right away there is this chemi...

  3. Rebecca says:

    I used to shy away from reading a book when it involved angels, but this is my second book with the feathered creatures and I thoroughly enjoyed it I didn t know what to expect from FEATHER when I sat down to read the first chapter, but I became so engrossed with the story that I couldn t but the book down We re introduced to Lucy, a college student, who is unremarkable except for her gift of memory Her memory is so well, memorable, that doctors from around the world travel to study her Once she clicks something into her memory banks, it is there forever She has what I would call total recall Walking across her college campus she runs into Nathaniel A man just a little older than herself who is the most handsome male she has ever seen From the beginning the two are drawn to each other Over the course of a few days, Lucy realizes no one but she can see him Is she going crazy Has her amazing ability finally short circuited her br...

  4. Cheryl Duval says:

    I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the Author and the Lovers of Paranormal Group on Goodreads.comThis was a very enjoyable well written story I loved the relationship between Lucy and Nathaniel You knew they were made for each other but this romance is not one like any other There is so much standing between them that there is a lot of doubt about them staying together as a couple Once I started reading I had trouble putting...

  5. Megan Miller says:

    I have not been able to put this book down I absolutely love the characters and really connect with them I found it easy to picture not only the characters, but their environments I get shivers like Lucy when Nathaniel is around Best page turner I have read in a long time

  6. Stephanie says:

    Great debut book by Laurie Lyons The story concept is original and compelling The characters are vibrant and the story has a great flow that culminates with a seat of your pants climax at the end I look forward to reading all of Mrs Lyons future novels

  7. Alexandra says:

    Finished in just a day AMAZING I have to start by saying I absolutely adore Nathaniel and I have decided that I want him I might have to fight Lucy for him and honestly, she might win But I was engulfed by this book I mean, the concept of Lucy and her photogenic memory and then add in some Angels with a few Demons and BOOM great story The characters that Laurie Lyons creates are so captivating and in...

  8. April says:

    Feather by Laurie Lyons and the sequel Gates are two of the best books that I have ever read There have been a few books that have caused me to tear up or get choked up but the ending of Feather literally had tears running down my face It was so much that I had to stop reading and calm myself down So Feather is the story of Lucy and Nathaniel Lucy is a remarkable young woman who remembers everything that she had ever seen One day she meets Nathaniel who seems like the perfect guy It is later revealed to Lucy that Nathaniel is an angel who was sent down to earth for an unknown purpose Along the way they meet a demon, Roman, some dangerous things happen, and, of course, they fall in love The reason the ending of the novel had me in tears is because Nathaniel and Lucy must make a decision regarding their love and Nathanie...

  9. Faye says:

    This is one of my favorite books with the angel theme and there are only a few of them which I really liked Feather started with Lucy who has been gifted with a photographic memory and later meets Nathaniel only to find out that she is the only who can see him Their meeting for one thing is no coincidence I really loved all the characters in this book well except for one of them considering there are a lot of demons around The concept between good and evil and how angels and demons work is pretty interesting as how Nathaniel explained it to Lucy Although I enjoyed the main characters at some parts I really hated Lucy s bratty attitude especially towards Nathaniel Though she knows her faults she still does them and I don t think that would be the last of it I really liked Nathaniel s character and especi...

  10. Jennifer says:

    I received this book in exchange for an honest review from Lovers of Paranormal.I actually really liked this story I liked the concept of angels and demons Not only that but Lyons added a smidge of individuality in the way that she gave Lucy photographic memory It helped make the book stand out The only thing that...

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