Chasing the Shadows

Chasing the ShadowsFour Wealthy Women Kidnapped Three Ransoms Demanded And Paid Two Bodies Returned, Mutilated And Drained Of Blood One Man Determined To Avenge The Wrongs Of His Past Nikki James Is In San Francisco At The Request Of Her Partner And Best Friend, Jake The Wife Of Jake S Old Friend Is Missing, And Jake Intends To Find Her Whatever The Cost While The Authorities Believe The Kidnappings Are The Work Of A Sick Mind, Nikki Knows It Is Something Much Worse Vampires Six Of Them And They Know Who She Is, And Why She S There Michael Kelly Has Just Returned From A Vampire Hunting Expedition In His Homeland And Wants To Spend Some Much Needed Relaxation Time With Nikki But When He Discovers She S Gone To San Francisco To Pursue The Vampire Gang Currently Terrorizing The City, He Has No Choice Except To Follow Not Only To Keep Her Safe From The Gang, But Because He Fears The Psychic Talents She S Beginning To Develop Abilities She Should Not Have And Cannot Control The Chase Takes Them Through The Sewers And Tunnels Of San Francisco As The Body Count Begins To Rise, So, Too, Does The Danger Michael Isn T The Only One Aware Of Nikki S New Abilities, And She Becomes A Target But Nikki Has No Intention Of Obeying Michael S Demands That She Leave She S Tired Of Playing It Safe And Wants Him To Realize It S All Or Nothing She S Either A Full Partner In His Life, Or She S Out But Nothing Prepares Her For The Price She Has To Pay For Her Stubbornness The Life Of Someone She Loves.

Keri Arthur, author of the New York Times bestselling Riley Jenson, Guardian series, has now written than 25 books She s received several nominations in the Best Contemporary Paranormal category of the Romantic Times Reviewer s Choice Awards, and recently won RT s Career Achievement Award for urban fantasy She lives in Melbourne with her daughter and two crazy dogs

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  • Chasing the Shadows
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  • 09 July 2017
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10 thoughts on “Chasing the Shadows

  1. Felicity Heaton says:

    Nikki and Michael are back in book three of Keri Arthur s Nikki and Michael series Nikki, a telepath and telekinetic, has had enough of playing house and waiting for Michael s return from a mission Things have been going well for the duo, but their relationship is still strained by Michael s old world ways sometimes It s nice to have a little tension in the relationship as it grows, but sometimes I felt it was overdone The story this time takes us to San Francisco, and back to Jake, Nikki s partner in crime fighting from her days at the private investigation company I was glad of the change of scenery as the first two books in the series both featured plenty of time spent in caves, and we often get numerous repetitions about what happened to Nikki in a cave in the first book won t say what happened as it might spoil things for people However, we did end up spending plenty of time underground again, this time in the sewers, but I could deal with that as it s still a change from caves and vampires have got to hide somewhere during the day.Michael returns from his mission with a yearning to see Nikki at his remote cabin and a present in his pocket that isn t something sensual A certain token for his love The trouble is, she s headed out to the same mission he s just been assigned to, and now he s chasing her across the country rather than enjoying a nice...

  2. Sarah says:

    This is book 3 in the Nikki and Michael series I d strongly recommend that you read the series in order Although I won t give spoilers for Chasing the Shadows in this review it will be impossible not to include things that may spoil the previous books so if you re new to the series I d recommend you read the reviews for Dancing with the Devil This is a series I m thoroughly enjoying so I d definitely recommend you check it out Nikki Michael have now been a couple for several months but although they are very happy together Michael s work with the Circle has meant he is spending a lot of time away from their home Nikki isn t happy that he leaves her behind wants to be able to work with him She knows her talents have been useful in the past and believes she can help him Michael on the other hand is determined not to let her put herself in danger he wants to protect her and the best way to do that is to keep her away from Circle business This is causing a lot of conflict between them so Michael isn t happy when he comes home from a case to find that Nikki is in San Francisco working on a case with Jake Women are being kidnapp...

  3. Tiffany says:

    Delve deeper into the mind of Michael This is the third book in the Nikki and Michael series by Keri Arthur This book starts off four months later, where Nikki and Michael are living together Michael is off on an assignment and is returning home He gets information that he s needed on another case in San Francisco He says that he ll do it but first he wants to get home to Nikki, though she s not there, she s already in San Francisco.Nikki s friend and boss Jake called Nikki to come to help him with a case His friends wife is missing and they need to find her Since Nikki has the psychic ability to find people she agrees She also leaves because she s bored at home She wants to be a team with Michael, going with him on assignment, though he disagrees because he thinks it ll be to much of a danger, though Nikki s life is always in danger and she doesn t seem to see it his way Though danger comes in a form of a vampire the moment she get s into her room.When Michael arrives he s furious He can t believe that she just left without thinking of the consequences Her abilities are growing at an alarming rate and he s worried that someone might be able to tap into her mind or she ll get lost in someone else s Though since he s there he just lets her search for the missing woman knowing he ll never stop her and helps her along the way Nikki finds that the woman has been taken by a vampire whose soul purpose is to ru...

  4. Dianne says:

    Chasing the Shadows by Keri Arthur is filled with all the ingredients for a good paranormal romance, like murder, mystery, love with that electric spark between Nikki and Michael that ignites passion, intense feelings and some fierce disagreements Michael is very protective and Nikki is strong willed and needs to feel she is an equal partner in their relationship The problem is, as Nikki s special powers grow, she has to struggle to keep them under control Heading off to help Jake with a vampire related missing person s case is probably not her brightest move Just ask Michael Will his old world ways cramp Nikki s progressive style or will they find a happy medium, and what about Jake s missing person s case Keri Arthur can create a tale, flesh it out, pack some action in, and by adding colorful characters with great dialogue, puts the reader in the middle of her world Ever watch two people argue, butt heads and want to put them both in their own corners for a time out That s how I felt with Michael and Nikki There were times when they seemed a little over the top, but love can do that to people, right Compromise, anyone An ARC edition was provided by NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group Bantam Dell in exchange for my honest review.Publication Date September 24, 2013Pub...

  5. Beth says:

    Chasing the Shadows is a heart pounding, non stop, emotionally enthralling story From page one, Keri Arthur hooked us with her memorizing characters and the dark magical world brought to life from Arthur s imagination Bringing us a story that really hits home with our characters, new revelations and a battle for compromise, I found Chasing the Shadows my favorite Nikki Michael story so far.This ARC copy of Chasing the Shadows was given to me by Random House Publishing Group Dell in exchange for a honest review This book is set for publication on September 24, 2013.Series Nikki and MichaelSequence in Series 3Paperback 336 pagesPublisher Dell Publication Date September 24, 2013ISBN 10 0440246539ISBN 13 978 0440246534Rating 4.5 StarsGenre Paranormal Roma...

  6. Sanny says:

    Once again 3.5 starsI really like this series and Keri Arthur knows how to keep you engaged throughout her books and there s never anything that makes me lose interest or bores me BUT Nikki and Michael s back and forward drives me insane As soon as one of them is on board with their relationship the other ones starts doubting it The most obvious solution in the world would be to start TALKING instead of screaming and butting heads I really get their points of view but the way they go about stating their opinion makes me want to scream and it distracts me from the great plot The Plot like the in the two previous books was solid and kept me right on the edge of my seat, hoping and guessing The character growth throughout the book is very noticeable and while their relationship problems don t magically disappear, I was glad to see that they finally found a way to start in...

  7. Deniz says:

    This is my favorite book in the series Arthur s world building is again fantastic I love the world she created Each book in the series add on to it There are all kinds of different beings and elements added in this one as well The plot is rather predictable but very entertaining This is a page turner Lots of action, fantasy and the love story of Nikki and Michael make for a fun read.But my favorite part is the character building And in fact this is the best in the entire series Yes, I know ,I know there I am again Throw everything overboard if the character building is great Well, as long as I like the writing style which I clearly do having read the entire series back to back.While we got to know most of the characters in the previous books in this one they are carved out, Keri dug deeper this time And f...

  8. Cindyg says:

    Damn this installment really made me nervousNikki and Michael are sooooo damn stubborn Just the right about of action and passion Nikki is really evolving but in to what who knows, not even Seline can get a handle all the changes that she s experiencing Michael is not afraid to put his heart out there but he s s...

  9. Deb says:

    I read the second book Hearts in Darkness before the first, Dancing With the Devil I wasn t aware of the order and since Hearts was available as an ebook through my library, I started there Books 1 and 2 were okay and I wanted to give Chasing the Shadows a try to see if it would stoke my fire to continue through book 4 Sadly, it did not and I honestly couldn t finish the book I think there was potential for Nikki and Michael but Arthur s plots and character development just didn t succeed in my view Nikki was so juvenile most of the time and her continued arguing with Michael over his protectiveness just got on my nerves It felt as if this was a series Arthur was just trying out for size I don t feel she put the effort in to making it the remarkable read it could have been I expected from Arthur because the Riley Jensen series was so action packed and unique For the nine books in the Ri...

  10. Alana Byers-crawford says:

    Ahh so good I m so glad Arthur kept Nikki true to her character and beliefs and didn t turn her into a damsel that sat around waiting for her man Nikki has never and will never be that I loved seeing action with Jake and nearly cried at his misfortune The fighting between Nikki and Michael started getting a bit repetitive and was glad Arthur finally resolved it so we don t need to read about it any I like...

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