Blade Runner 2019 #3

Blade Runner 2019 #3Hunter becomes hunted, as veteran Blade Runner Ash is shot down in neo noir Los Angeles, 2019 The first new comic series set in the world of Blade Runner, from Michael Green screenwriter for Blade Runner 2049 and Mike Johnson Star Trek , and illustrated by Andres Guinaldo Justice League Dark, C

Summer Frost

Summer FrostA video game developer becomes obsessed with a willful character in her new project, in a mind bending exploration of what it means to be human by the New York Times bestselling author of Recursion Maxine was made to do one thing die Except the minor non player character in the world Riley is bui


AutonomousAutonomous features a rakish female pharmaceutical pirate named Jack who traverses the world in her own submarine A notorious anti patent scientist who has styled herself as a Robin Hood heroine fighting to bring cheap drugs to the poor, Jack s latest drug is leaving a trail of lethal overdoses acr

Minimum Wage Magic (DFZ #1)

Minimum Wage Magic (DFZ #1)The DFZ, the metropolis formerly known as Detroit, is the world s most magical city with a population of nine million and zero public safety laws That s a lot of mages, cybernetically enhanced chrome heads, and mythical beasties who die, get into debt, and otherwise fail to pay their rent When the


SnapshotSnapshot is a Science Fiction detective story following Anthony Davis, a cop assigned to Snapshot Duty In this vivid world that author Brandon Sanderson has built, society can create a snapshot of a specific day in time The experiences people have, the paths they follow all of them are real again

Blackfish City

Blackfish CityAfter the climate wars, a floating city is constructed in the Arctic Circle, a remarkable feat of mechanical and social engineering, complete with geothermal heating and sustainable energy The city s denizens have become accustomed to a roughshod new way of living, however, the city is starting to

The Electric State

The Electric StateIn 1997, a runaway teenager and her yellow toy robot travel west through a strange USA The ruins of gigantic battle drones litter the countryside, heaped together with the discarded trash of a high tech consumerist society in decline As their car approaches the edge of the continent, the world out

Thin Air

Thin AirRichard Morgan has always been one of our most successful SF authors with his fast moving and brutal storylines, blistering plots and a powerful social conscience behind his work.And now he s back, with his first SF novel for eight years and it promises to be a publication to remember.An ex co

Crowded, Vol. 1

Crowded, Vol. 1Ten minutes in the future, the world runs on an economy of job shares and apps, while crowdfunding has evolved into Reapr a platform for assassination that s trickled down from politicians, celebrities and CEOs to everyday life and all its petty resentments A world where anyone with enough backers

The Private Eye

The Private EyeBecause retailers, readers, and ROBERT KIRKMAN demanded it, the online sensation from s BRIAN K VAUGHAN SAGA, PAPER GIRLS and MARCOS MARTIN The Amazing Spider Man, Doctor Strange The Oath is finally coming to print with this gorgeous deluxe hardcover edition, presented in th

Rick and Morty, Vol. 2

Rick and Morty, Vol. 2The hit comic book series based on Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland s hilarious adult swim animated show RICK MORTY continues Catch up on the adventures of degenerate genius Rick Sanchez and his bumbling grandson Morty as they explore the outer reaches of time, space, and decency This collection


InfluxPhysicist Jon Grady and his team have discovered a device that can reflect gravity a triumph that will revolutionize the field of physics and change the future But instead of acclaim, Grady s lab is locked down by a covert organization known as the Bureau of Technology Control.The bureau s mission

Perfect State

Perfect StateFrom the author of Legion and the 1 New York Times bestselling Stormlight Archive comes an action filled novella about privilege, culture clash, and expectations God Emperor Kairominas is lord of all he surveys He has defeated all foes, has united the entire world beneath his rule, and has master