Seven Deadly Shadows

Seven Deadly ShadowsKira Fujikawa has always been a girl on the fringe Bullied by her peers and ignored by her parents, the only place Kira s ever felt at home is at her grandfather s Shinto shrine, where she trains to be a priestess But Kira s life is shattered on the night her family s shrine is attacked by a

Prosper's Demon

Prosper's DemonIn the pitch dark, witty fantasy novella Prosper s Demon, K J Parker deftly creates a world with vivid, unbending rules, seething with demons, broken faith, and worse men In a botched demonic extraction, they say the demon feels it ten times worse than the man But they don t die, and we do.


PineThey are driving home from the search party when they see her The trees are coarse and tall in the winter light, standing like men Lauren and her father Niall live alone in the Highlands, in a small village surrounded by pine forest When a woman stumbles out onto the road one Halloween night,

Parable of the Sower

Parable of the SowerThe follow up to Kindred, the 1 bestseller, comes Octavia E Butler s groundbreaking dystopian novel In this graphic novel adaptation of Octavia E Butler s Parable of the Sower, by Damian Duffy and John Jennings, the award winning team behind the 1 bestseller Kindred A Graphic Novel Adaptation,

Goodbye Nothing

Goodbye NothingA New Adult Horror Novel Since the night of the accident, Cain Emmerick has felt different Empty What was important to him family, friends, his job doesn t matter any His new life revolves around that Nothing inside of him and the extraordinary highs he gets from committing random acts of

Faithless, Vol. 1

Faithless, Vol. 1Faith is bored as hell And Hell has noticed.Faith Sex The Devil Faith likes to dabble with magic Her friends think it s cute and not just a little off putting, but it s part of her charm and her warped search for purpose in a world that makes too much sense But she s a true believer and knows

Stranger Things: Zombie Boys

Stranger Things: Zombie BoysFollowing the events of season one of Netflix s pop culture sensation Stranger Things, our main characters struggle with returning to normal life after overcoming supernatural horror School is back in session in the normally quiet town of Hawkins, Indiana Mike, Lucas, Dustin, and Will are still

Leaders of the Pack

Leaders of the PackSince the dawn of time, across almost every culture, there have been legends of shapeshifters Men who turn into beasts and prey upon anyone unfortunate enough to cross their path Of the shapeshifter tales, none invokes as much terror as the legend of the werewolf The stories of men who become

Daphne Byrne #1

Daphne Byrne #1In the gaslit splendor of late 19th century New York, rage builds inside 14 year old Daphne The sudden death of her father has left her alone with her irresponsible, grief stricken mother who becomes easy prey for a group of occultists promising to contact her dead husband While fighting to